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Philips infrared Heating Lamp

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Philips infrared Heating Lamp Price in Bangladesh
• Deep penetrating infrared light warms the muscles, stimulating blood circulation to effectively relieve aches and pains
• 150 Watt infrared lamp uses concentric rings to deliver optimal relief in areas covering 20 x 30 cm
• Adjustable angle allows for lamp to be tilted up to 40 degrees for treatment exactly where you need it
• Simple on/offs witch so the appliance does not need to be unplugged after each treatment
• Cord holder provides convenient storage option.

Model : PR3110
Rated voltage (V) and rated frequency(Hz) : 220-240 V~50-60 Hz
Rated power input(W) : 150W
Medical device classification : lla
Insulation class : Class 2
Ingress of water : IP21
IR type : A/B/C
Expected service life : 5 years
Mode of operation : Continuous
Net weight : Approximately 1kg
External dimensions : Approximately 213x160x215 mm(LxWXH)
Irradiance : 3323352 mW/m-2.

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