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Moringa Shower Gel-60ml|| the body shop|| FOR ALL SKIN TYPES||GENTLE CLEANSING||VEGETARIAN

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What does it do for you ?
The Body Shop Moringa Shower Gel is our little gem when it comes to that shower-fresh feeling. It’s an elegantly scented body wash that leaves your skin feeling clean and revitalised.

This floral number is enriched with Community Fair Trade moringa extract and lathers up a treat. One of the big benefits of moringa plants, and why we love it in our formulas, is their sunny, bright and uplifting fragrance. We’ve taken our Moringa Shower Gel a step further and enhanced the formula with notes of sweet frangipani flowers. Quite simply, scented bliss.

Curious about the known moringa extract benefits for skin? Combined with our formula, it helps to clean your skin leaving it nicely scented as soon as you step out of the shower. It’s the perfect little luxury to add to your daily shower routine and you’ll be left with a delicate scent of moringa. What a treat.

Gives your skin a refreshing cleanse
An uplifting, sunny floral scent
Works into a rich lather
Enriched with Community Fair Trade moringa extract from Rwanda


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